Burkina Faso
"What do you want, bwana?"
Human Name Abeni Bambara
Age 18
Height 5'2
Weight 154lb
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Gender Female

Burkina Faso, aka Abeni Bambara, her human name, is one of my Hetalia original characters. 

Appearance Edit

Abeni has very dark brown skin, and dark brown eyes. Her normal uniform is tanned and long-sleeved, with a white collar and brown tie. Her hair is smooth and dark brown, and she normally has a pokerface.

Personality and Interests Edit

Abeni is usually reserved and her public displays of emotions very limited, thus making her appear emotionless. However, she has a nasty habit of fighting with others with almost little to no reason to do so. She does not like being in very close proximity to people she does not trust. She also has an odd affinity for animals.

Relationships Edit

France: Her and France aren't really on the best of terms, however, they can get along when it's needed to happen.

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