"I-I swear!! My visions are real!!"
Age 8
Race Human
Height 4'2
Weight 67lb
Family The Doctor [Dad]
Caroline is my second ATF original character, and is The Doctor's daughter.  

Appearance Edit

Caroline has medium brown hair and light blue eyes. She always wears a gray and black dress, along with white leggings and brown combat boots. She always carries a pocket knife on her for protection.

Personality and Interests Edit

Caroline is a very brave child, which often makes her less likely to listen to her father when he tells her something is dangerous. With that being said, she's also very curious and easily agitated by others. She enjoys to sit in the underground base her and her father have and look at the vials of strange liquids he has.

She also is a schizophrenic, and thus, tends to hallucinate things that are real, but they aren't. She is scarred from some hallucinations, but never talks about them to other people.

Relationships Edit

The Doctor: Her and her father get along very well, though she doesn't really interact with anyone else.

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