Mutation does stuff.
Age 9
Race Mutant
Height 4'7
Weight 100lb
Family Ivan [Dad]
Jenna is one of my After The Flash original characters. She's nine years old, and is a mutant in all roleplays. Normally, she'll get very antsy in large groups or around other females. ^^  


Jenna has very messy hair and very pale skin. Her hair is deep red on the top and a light violet almost on the bottom. She has a bandage covering her left eye which has a black sclera and a purple and red iris. She often wears a red scarf even in the hottest of climates and a trench coat, which she had gotten from her brother before he died in the mutant attack that she survived.

Personality and Interests

Jenna can be very kind and curious, and at times when left alone for too long, will go off on her own to explore and look at everything around her. She enjoys to play with others, and has an odd love for cats and dogs alike.


Otis: Jenna and Otis don't get along that well when she is very young, but at an older age, she and him get along just fine- maybe even a bit better.

Ivan: Jenna is [obviously] Ivan's daughter, and she sometimes feels as if he doesn't care for her, but that's rarely.

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